Using a Laser for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are similar to other skin blemishes in that they are composed of damaged tissue. Repeated crimping or pulling on an area of the skin surface results in a type of scarring, and the cells that make up the dermal layers in these areas continue to reproduce themselves without improvement. Using a laser for stretch marks is an effective method for reducing the appearance of these linear marks.

Laser resurfacing is performed as a careful skin ablation procedure. One thin layer at a time, the epidermis and the upper portion of the dermis is removed. This treatment is simpler than traditional skin ablation techniques, and it stimulates the body to produce healthier skin tissue, the result being a fading away of the stretch mark or scar.

Smoothing Irregular Skin

Stretch marks and set wrinkles are difficult to treat using moisturizers alone. The darkened or lightened tissues that make up these marks have literally changed their structural integrity over the years. However, most stretch marks are rather superficial, meaning that they don’t penetrate very deep into the skin layers. If the poorly textured skin layer is removed quickly, the body responds by rapidly building up replacement tissue from below. This is how the epidermal layer is constantly rebuilt in the first place.

How the Laser Works

The laser produces a focused beam of monochromatic light, meaning that all of the photons emitted are vibrating in the heat wave part of the spectrum. The energy in the light beam is absorbed by the skin, and the skin is literally vaporized. The trick is to ablate a thin layer at a time without damaging adjacent or deeper tissues. The instrument can be carefully calibrated to do just that. Using a laser for stretch marks means you are simulating your body to heal itself.

Consultation and Treatment

When we consult with you, we examine your stretch marks to see how thick they are. We also want to note the exact skin tone because this helps us to calibrate the laser properly.

If you want more information about using a laser for stretch marks, speak with our team at Young Medical Spa® and raise any questions you have. Laser resurfacing is a popular treatment for a variety of skin blemishes, and we will be happy to discuss this procedure in further detail. We are conveniently located in Center Valley and Lansdale. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!