Clinical Facials at Young Medical Spa

In order to maintain healthy skin, patients must follow a comprehensive regimen of treatments, services, and at-home products. Clinical Facials are an ideal treatment to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, providing a key piece to the skin care regimen. Clinical Facials at Young Medical Spa® include a skin analysis in addition to face masks and peels to achieve ideal skin appearance and feel. Each facial varies based on your skin’s needs, and can treat specific conditions, such as acne and melasma. Every facial at Young Medical Spa lasts for thirty minutes.


An Acne Medi-Facial is ideal for clearing up acne-prone, oily skin. This exfoliating facial draws out impurities and infuses vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients into the skin for a clear and clean feeling. The facial includes a gentle massage and face mask to relax and revitalize the skin.


Our signature facial, this individualized treatment uses medical-grade products to achieve your desired results. Improve skin clarity, texture, and health with a quick rejuvenating facial that will improve your skin’s natural glow.


Patients suffering from sun-damaged skin will be best treated with an Anti-Oxidant Medi-Facial, which repairs signs of sun damage and restores a vibrant appearance to mature skin. This treatment uses revolutionary TNS® products to hydrate and refresh the skin while removing impurities with vital anti-oxidants. After treatment patients will enjoy a noticeably healthier glow.


The Calming Medi-Facial is perfect for patients with sensitive skin. This facial combines green tea and chamomile to moisturize the skin and calm irritated skin while providing future protection from irritants