Awake Tumescent Liposuction

Dr. Young and the professionals here at Young Medical Spa are proud to serve our patients in the Wilkes-Barre, Lehigh Valley and Lansdale areas throughout each step of their aesthetic journey. If you are like many patients who are unsatisfied with stubborn fat that won’t respond to diet and exercise, we offer the latest and most effective body contouring treatments for helping you achieve the contoured and slimmer body shape you desire. Dr. Young has gained extensive expertise and experience – performing over 7,000 successful procedures. He provides exceptional Liposuction and Awake Tumescent Liposuction results for a slimmer and more desirable body shape!


Tumescent liposuction, also known as awake lipo is a new, advanced way to achieve a more desirable body shape. It is performed without the need for general anesthesia which allows for less complications, soreness, bruising, or scarring. Unlike traditional liposuction, the patient is awake during the process, and are able to communicate with Dr. Young during treatment. This enables better control and precision for improved results. During treatment, local anesthesia is administered to ensure optimal patient comfort. A specialized tumescent solution is then added to the fatty layers of skin tissue. This causes the fat tissue to swell and become tight, or “tumesced.” This makes it easier for Dr. Young to remove the fat using an extremely thin tube inserted beneath the skin. Using gentle and slow motions, the fat deposits are broken down and then quickly removed from the body. The area is then sculpted and smoothed for outstanding results.


Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty, is a widely-popular and minimally-invasive procedure designed to target and permanently remove problem fat from the body. The process involves the breakdown of fat cells – which are then gently removed from the body using a specialized suction method. Treatments offer immediate results for a smoother and more firm silhouette.


There are many benefits that Awake Tumescent Liposuction can offer including:

  • Safe procedure
  • Minimized bruising and scarring
  • Less pain and aches
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Offers longer-lasting results
  • And more!

With Awake Tumescent Liposuction in the expert hands of Dr. Young, you can say goodbye to stubborn fat bulge and hello to the contoured body you desire. Reach out to the professionals here at Young Medical Spa to learn more about this revolutionary treatment. Contact us today and schedule your consultation towards the body of your dreams!

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