FAQ’s Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

No matter your body type, you might find yourself dealing with visible stretch marks. These white lines show up on the skin when it is stretched too far, too fast. This happens during pregnancy and when you have a significant weight fluctuation. It can even happen during puberty as your growth comes in spurts. If you have been seeking a way to reduce the appearance of these marks, consider a laser treatment. This effective treatment can help fade certain marks, leaving smooth skin behind. Curious about how this works? Below is more information about this non-surgical method of skin rejuvenation.

How Does Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks Work?

Simply put, a treatment will safely remove the top layer of skin on the stretch marks. This encourages your body to regenerate smoother skin. In these treatments, an ablative laser is used. There is also a form of laser treatment for stretch marks that uses a non-ablative laser. In these treatments, the top layer of skin is not removed. The device is simply used to stimulate the production of collagen, which can make your skin firmer and healthier overall. While a non-ablative treatment is more gentle, it will also take longer to show results.

Does Laser Treatment Work on All Stretch Marks?

A treatment will help reduce the appearance of just about any scar. That being said, fresh marks that are still red in color will respond better to treatment. The laser can help seal blood vessels and reduce inflammation, reducing the redness of the area. If your stretch marks have been around for a while, they have likely turned white. These marks typically cannot be gotten rid of completely. Significant fading can occur with repeat treatments, however.

Am I a Candidate for Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks?

Nearly anyone who is in good general health and bothered by the appearance of stretch marks is a good candidate for this treatment. A consultation is done prior to beginning to ensure that this option is a good fit for you. Although women do get stretch marks more often, with 75% to 90% of women experiencing them at some point, men can get them too. This treatment can help both men and women get smoother looking and feeling skin.

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