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Attempting to build and tone muscle can be a lifelong struggle for many. In fact, even with proper diet and exercise, many of our patients still find stubborn areas that simply won’t produce the results they’re looking for. While following a healthy diet and regular exercise are essential to building your dream body and physique, we’ve found that sometimes they’re not enough for our patients to fully tone their bodies to achieve the results they’re looking for, which is why Young Medical Spa in Lansdale offers EMSCULPT®.

What is EMSCULPT®?

EMSCULPT® is a breakthrough, non-invasive, body sculpting treatment that allows Young Medical Spa to assist you in targeting specific areas to build and tone muscle. EMSCULPT® is a unique device, working muscle without lactic acid build up toning muscles. Some patients have reported seeing a mild to moderate reduction in fat in the treated areas as well. EMSCULPT® is an incredible addition to Young Medical Spa’s arsenal of body toning and sculpting treatments and procedures.

Young Medical Spa provides its patients with the most cutting edge and effective technologies and procedures to help each individual meet their aesthetic goals. We customize every treatment plan to help you achieve the body you’re looking for while also providing personal guidance to help you get the best results while reducing downtime.

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Interested in EMSCULPT®?

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How EMSCULPT® works

EMSCULPT® is used to build and tone muscle and is the latest in non-invasive, body sculpting technology. It utilizes high intensity electromagnetic technology focused on specific areas, stimulating supramaximal muscle contraction. The Emsculpt procedure is currently FDA cleared to treat your abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves and thighs and can even be a great non-surgical alternative to the brazilian butt lift.

Zero Downtime

EMSCULPT® at Young Medical Spa in Lansdale requires absolutely no downtime. After your short treatment you can return to your regular schedule immediately. 

Does EMSCULPT Really Work?

We understand every body is different, and every patient has unique aesthetic goals. In order to achieve the best results most patients will need multiple sessions (we recommend a minimum of 4) to achieve noticeable, sustainable results. Each session is 30 minutes and should be scheduled 2-3 days apart. Because of its gentle nature, EMSCULPT® can be performed alone or can be combined with other body sculpting treatments.

Results may vary from patient to patient, but with a 96% rating in Average Patient Satisfaction, EMSCULPT® is quickly becoming one of the best ways to meet your aesthetic body goals. 

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