Neck Lift at Young Medical Spa

The natural aging process causes a decrease in the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, resulting in loose and sagging skin around the neck and jawline. A neck lift can help reduce sagging skin on the neck which can create an unflattering facial profile and add years to one’s appearance. Young Medical Spa® offers various neck procedure to improve loose skin on the neck and jawline for a younger-looking you. A traditional neck lift at Young Medical Spa involves creating a small incision behind the lower part of the ear and directly underneath the chin. The skin is then gently raised, repositioned, and tightened for a smoother, tighter look. A micro neck lift, also known as a mini neck lift, places a smaller incision behind the lower part of the ear and is ideal for those who don’t have severely sagging skin on the neck. Young Medical Spa offers various non-invasive and non-surgical facial contouring options such as PrecisionTx™ to lift and tighten the skin on the neck. Neck liposuction can be paired with a surgical or non-surgical neck lift to remove excess fat and improve the contour of the neck and jowls.

Frequently Asked Questions about Neck Lift at Young Medical Spa

Can a surgical neck lift create scarring?

Scars associated with a neck lift are small, well-hidden behind the ear, and can fade over time.

What is the expected recovery?

Patients may experience swelling and bruising for up to ten days after their procedure. We recommend sleeping with the head slightly elevated and to try and minimize any rotation of the neck to help the incisions fully heal. Patients may experience a “tight” feeling around the treated area for up to a few weeks after their procedure.

How do I know if I am a candidate for a traditional or non-surgical neck lift, and/or neck liposuction?

Those who experience moderate to severe sagging skin along the neck and jawline may require a traditional neck lift for optimal results. Those who experience mild sagging skin may achieve optimal results from a non-surgical neck lift. If there is excess fat around the neck and jowls, patients may benefit from neck liposuction for a desirable contour. During your consultation, Dr. Shapiro can determine which procedure(s) are best for you based on your needs and concerns.

Is there a recovery time with non-surgical neck procedures?

Non-surgical neck procedures with PrecisionTx require no downtime so patients can return to their everyday activities right away.

How can I begin with a traditional or non-surgical neck lift at Young Medical Spa?

For more information and to get started with traditional or non-surgical neck lift, schedule your complimentary consultation by calling one of our offices listed below, or by using our convenient online appointment request form.

To request an appointment at our Center Valley office, call 610.798.7546. To request an appointment at our Lansdale office, call 215.362.7546. To request an appointment at our Wilkes-Barrre office, call 570.521.2522