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No matter how much you diet and exercise, many patients still experience stubborn cellulite that just won’t go away. Regardless of their weight, most women experience cellulite in one area of their body or another. In fact, cellulite is a structural flaw that is not related to the amount of fat on one’s body. Cellulite appears when fibrous bands pull skin tissue down trapping pockets of fat underneath the surface, resulting in a lumpy and dimpled appearance to the skin surface. Thankfully, here at Young Medical Spa we offer minimally-invasive Cellulaze and non-invasive Velashape for comfortable and effective cellulite reduction.


Our practice is treating cellulite differently and giving women the option they truly deserve. In a single in-office procedure, Avéli confirms the release of cellulite dimples in real time to deliver visibly smoother skin! This no-nonsense approach to cellulite is based on a deep understanding of women’s anatomy and addresses the primary structural cause of cellulite from the inside out.

  • Long-term reduction in cellulite dimples
  • Minimally invasive procedure with results visible quickly
  • A single in-office visit


Cellulaze is a specialized cellulite reduction treatment that utilizes a minimally-invasive method for addressing the structures under the skin that are responsible for a dimpled appearance. Treatments harness the power of thermal energy that is gently delivered beneath the skin through a small cannula. This is effective at precisely targeting the areas of cellulite. The energy melts the fat cells, releases the dimple-causing fibrous bands, and activates the natural production of collagen for firm, smooth, and healthy-looking skin.


VelaShape® is a non-invasive and FDA-cleared technology designed to diminish cellulite for a smooth and beautiful complexion. VelaShape® uses high-powered radiofrequency energy – delivered through the use of a specialized vacuum. During treatment, the vacuum works to heat and massage the subcutaneous layers of fat in order to shrink fat cells and treat the appearance of cellulite. This method of cellulite reduction increases circulation, lymphatic drainage, and collagen deposits in the treated area with no downtime. While VelaShape does not destroy fat cells, a healthy lifestyle must be practiced to ensure longer-lasting results. To achieve optimal results, multiple treatments may be suggested.


Our specialized cellulite reduction treatments can be used to treat common problem areas including:

  • Flanks
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Hips


If you are unhappy with cellulite that is diet and exercise resistant, you could benefit from cellulite reduction treatments. If you are close to your goal weight, and live a healthy lifestyle, you could also qualify as a candidate. The best way to determine if you are a proper candidate is through a consultation with one of our professionals.

Don’t allow cellulite to change the way you feel about your appearance any longer. Reach out to the professionals here at Young Medical Spa to learn more about our exclusive cellulite reduction treatments. Contact us today and schedule your consultation towards smooth and healthy skin!

Frequently Asked Questions about Cellulite Reduction at Young Medical Spa

Am I a candidate for cellulite reduction treatments?

If you experience cellulite on the abdomen, flanks, hips, thighs, or arms, you may be a candidate for either VelaShape or Cellulaze.

How many cellulite reduction treatments will I need?

For VelaShape, we typically recommend 1 treatment per week for a six week period for optimal results. However, this varies with each patient depending on the severity the cellulite. Cellulaze typically requires one treatment for desired results.

When can I see results from cellulite reduction treatments?

Optimal results from VelaShape can be seen after a series of treatments (usually six) performed one week apart. While some improvements can be seen shortly after a Cellulaze treatment, optimal results can appear up to six months after treatment, although individual results may vary.

How is VelaShape different from other cellulite treatments?

VelaShape differs from other cellulite treatments because it is the most advanced non-invasive cellulite reduction treatment available due to its use of four different technologies (suction, radio frequency, mechanical massage, and infrared) to target one condition. VelaShape works best for mild to moderate cellulite. Cellulaze is the only minimally invasive FDA-approved procedure that can reduce the appearance of cellulite by severing the fibrous bands under the skin that pull the skin downward resulting in a dimpled appearance. Cellulaze works best for mild to moderate cellulite.

How can I begin cellulite treatments with VelaShape or Cellulaze at Young Medical Spa?

For more information and to get started with VelaShape or Cellulaze cellulite reduction, schedule your complimentary consultation by calling one of our offices listed below, or by using our convenient online appointment request form online appointment request form.

To request an appointment at our Center Valley office, call 610.798.7546. To request an appointment at our Lansdale office, call 215.362.7546. To request an appointment at our Wilkes-Barrre office, call 570.521.2522. To request an appointment at our Main office, call 267.534.3355.


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