Refresh and Rejuvenate Your Intimacy

Childbirth and aging can create significant changes in a woman’s body and especially her intimate area. Some women may experience urinary incontinence, vaginal looseness, vaginal dryness, vulvovaginal laxity, as well as a decreased sensation during intercourse. ThermiVa® at Young Medical Spa® can treat these conditions to result in a more comfortable everyday life and less painful sex.

ThermiVa Feminine Rejuvenation treatments in Lehigh Valley utilizes FDA-cleared temperature-controlled radio frequency technology to increase the skin’s collagen production in the treated area to result in tighter and stronger vaginal muscles. Strengthening and tightening the vaginal muscles improves vaginal looseness, reduces incontinence and vaginal dryness, and can increase sexual sensation.

ThermiVa is a non-invasive, no downtime treatment. Depending on the patient and the severity of their conditions, multiple treatments may be necessary for optimal results. Improvements from ThermiVa treatments at Young Medical Spa’s Center Valley and Lansdale locations can be seen shortly after treatment, with full improvements becoming noticeable up to two weeks later. Safely and effectively improve your daily life and your intimate life with ThermiVa vaginal tightening treatments in the Lehigh Valley!

Young Medical Spa treats patients in the Easton, Bethlehem, Philadelphia, and Allentown areas with its two convenient locations in Lansdale and Center Valley. Dr. Thomas E. Young and the Young Medical Spa staff are proud to add ThermiVa Feminine Rejuvenation to our extensive list of services aimed at helping our patients look and feel their beautiful best!

To learn more about ThermiVa Vaginal Tightening in the Lehigh Valley at Young Medical Spa in Pennsylvania, schedule your complimentary consultation today!