October Skin Care Combos

With October, the autumn season is in full swing, the days are getting colder and soon winter will start. The cold air outside and dry indoor heating means there’ll be higher incidences of dry skin. So better not slack off with your skin care regimen. Thankfully, Young Medical Spa is offering October Skin Care Combos  to put the glow back to your skin! Our combo starts with a chemical peel, continues with an IPL Photofacial, and becomes complete with a 1540 Laser Treatment. The best part about this deal? Purchase this combo before October 31st and receive the 1540 Laser treatment for FREE! And you can add a Hydrafacial to this combo for just $100 (Hyrdrafacial is only redeemable in the Lansdale & Center Valley locations).

Hydrate and Refresh Your Face with Chemical Peels 

Part of our October Skin Care Combos, chemical peels are one of the more popular skin treatments we offer and are ideal for the cold months of fall and winter. They’re known to freshen the skin and treat a wide range of skin imperfections such as:

• Sun Damage

• Signs of Aging

• Acne Scarring

• Freckles

• Cystic Acne

• Age Spots

• Melasma

• Hyperpigmentation

This treatment uses a chemical solution that is applied to the skin and is designed to exfoliate its surface, mostly the outermost layer of skin called the stratum corneum. This layer is composed of dead skin cells, impurities, dirt, old makeup and toxins that clog pores and prohibits the penetration of skincare products to the deeper layers of skin.

It’s important to remember that one chemical peel does not fit all. There are 3 different types of peels, ranging from mild and superficial to deep and aggressive. To determine which is best for your skin and your skincare goals, it’s best to consult with your provider.

After your chemical peel, it’s important to stay hydrated and moisturized. Additional aftercare products and instructions will be outlined by your provider after your treatment.

IPL Photofacials Promote Skin Health

After chemical peels, our October Skin Care Combos use IPL Photofacials. This treatment produces noticeable improvements in skin texture and tone. So get closer to healthier and evenly toned skin with this quick procedure!

Photofacials are mostly ideal for those with issues in the following areas:

– Pigmentation

– Freckles

– Large Pores

– Rosacea

– Wrinkles

– Broken capillaries

– Acne

To fully realize revitalized skin, patients may need to undergo three or more quick and effective treatments. In a series of sessions, IPL Photofacials make use of intense light energy that moves across the area of focus, covering the patients areas of concern, which makes the process fast and effective for patients on a tight schedule. The pulses of laser energy penetrate the skin and stimulate the body’s natural healing process of eliminating damaged tissue and rebuilding new collagen and elastin for healthy, younger-looking skin. 

So, if you are wondering how to fix pigmentation, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, get rid of acne, or any other skin related question, an IPL Photofacial may be the answer for you.

For more information and to get started with IPL Photofacials, schedule your consultation by calling one of our offices, or by using our convenient online appointment request form on our website at youngmedicalspa.com.

Takeaway The experts at Young Medical Spa can help you meet your aesthetic goals and attain natural-looking results. Contact Young Medical Spa today to schedule your consultation. We have clinics in Center Valley, Lansdale, Wilkes-Barre and Mainline.