Happy New Year!

Now that the hectic holiday season is behind us, it’s time to start tackling your ambitious New Year’s resolutions. From eating right to exercising more, goals are a positive way to improve your life, but they can also be a bit intimidating. To keep you on track, we’ve compiled a few motivating tips for helping you achieve your best this year and beyond.

You are already winning.
Even though you may get discouraged at times, resolutions are actually good for you! According to psychological research, success rates among resolution-setters are ten times higher than for those who desire change but skip resolutions. So way to go!

Get specific.
You can boost your chances for success by breaking your goals down into specific actions that can be easily measured. For example, instead of pledging to “exercise more,” resolve to walk an extra 1,000 steps each day. Or, instead of vowing to “eat less,” try skipping those in-between snacks, which add up fast.

Never give up!
Though it sounds odd, research also indicates that the more times you fail, the higher your chances are for success.

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