Facelifts Get a Facelift!

Facelifts have certainly come a long way. In fact, Allures latest cover declared that the facelift is back and better than ever for delicately restoring youthful contours. Still, surgery is surgery, and some patients aren’t always ready to go under the knife. Because of this, non-surgical treatments that lift sagging skin on the face are more in demand than ever, which is why we’re thrilled to offer thread lifts at our two office locations in Pennsylvania.

When you come in for a thread lift procedure at Young Medical Spa®, we’ll carefully insert threads under the skin’s surface to lift and reposition the skin while also boosting collagen production. These threads also provide a support system, much like a scaffold, to keep the skin from sagging. Best of all, they’re made from a fully-absorbable material—the same used to create sutures—which naturally dissolves over time, eliminating the risk of scar tissue.

Nothing can replace a surgical facelift. But for patients who want to avoid surgery, a thread lift can help to rejuvenate their appearance immediately without surgery or downtime. So if you want results fast, a thread lift can provide instant gratification!

It’s easy to give your look a lift this spring at Young Medical Spa. Schedule your complimentary consultation today to get started! With two convenient locations in Center Valley and Lansdale, Young Medical Spa is easily accessible to patients in the Philadelphia, Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton areas.