Cool Down This Winter with CoolSculpting

It comes as no surprise that many individuals feel like their jeans are fitting a little tighter after the holiday season.
Poor eating and inconsistent exercise can lead to more stored fat in problem areas like the abdomen, love handles, thighs, and even the dreaded double chin. These fat pockets can be near impossible to get rid of, even with healthy living habits. With CoolSculpting® at Young Medical Spa® in Pennsylvania, patients can get rid of unwanted fat and show off a slimmer silhouette without surgery or downtime!

With CoolSculpting, patients finally have an FDA-cleared non-surgical fat reduction method that shows impressive results without the downtime associated with traditional surgical, and even minimally-invasive fat reduction methods.

CoolSculpting in PA works by using revolutionary cryolipolysis technology. During treatment, Young Medical Spa’s experienced CoolSculpting technicians can target fat cells beneath the skin and freeze them. No surrounding skin or tissue is affected, but the frozen fat cells are naturally eliminated through the lymphatic system in the weeks and months following treatment. The results are amazing! Patients permanently lose stubborn, diet-resistant fat without any scars or downtime, and can be back to their normal activities soon after their treatment at Young Medical Spa, a certified CoolSculpting practice.

This New Year, find out why Young Medical Spa is the largest CoolSculpting provider in the region and the only practice to offer CoolSculpting for the double chin. CoolSculpting non-invasive fat reduction is the leading non-surgical treatment to lose fat anywhere on the body, and patients across the country have already seen how effective it can be.


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