An All-Natural Alternative to Dermal Fillers?

It sounds like a fantasy, the idea that you can plump up facial contours and smooth lines and wrinkles without dermal fillers or extensive surgery. But it’s not a fantasy—it’s ALMI™ Skin Rejuvenation! We recently expanded our facial contouring services to include ALMI, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the benefits we are seeing.

ALMI, which stands for autologous lipocyte micronized injection, combines two forms of natural rejuvenation—PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and fat transfer. PRP is a concentrated portion of your own blood, which we draw and prepare in our office. Fat transfer carefully extracts fat cells from an accessible area of your body, usually the abdomen. Once prepared, fat and blood cells are then strategically injected into your face or hands to stimulate collagen growth and trigger a new blood supply to targeted areas of concern.

ALMI offers wow-worthy benefits, from diminished lines and wrinkles to enhanced volume and a younger-looking glow. It’s also surprisingly easy, involving little to no downtime. And while some benefits of ALMI are immediate, they will continue to grow, providing long-lasting rejuvenation as your body produces new collagen and elastin. ALMI’s enduring rejuvenation is one our favorite benefits because it frees patients up to spend less time seeking treatments and more time enjoying their results.

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