Why Men and Women Love BOTOX

Let’s be totally honest; BOTOX® has been the ultimate game-changer in the “stay young” department, and that is why both women and men have fallen hard for this amazing cosmetic treatment. The world’s number one injectable is safe, quick, simple and delivers incredible results for each individual. The serum allows you to look rested, more youthful, and wrinkle-free after just one session.

Seventeen Years and Counting

BOTOX® received FDA approval for cosmetic purposes in 2002, and since that time, the injectable has exploded in popularity. It first saw rave reviews for fading away the glabellar lines. You know the ones; they are the “elevens” or the two vertical frown lines located right between the eyebrows. The treatment also takes care of horizontal forehead wrinkles and the crow’s feet at the outer corners of the eyes.

Both women and men can benefit from the injections because they are minimally-invasive, keep fine lines and wrinkles away for months, and no one can tell exactly what you have done to look young. This treatment can also be used as a preventative measure in your youth to keep wrinkles at bay.

Unisex Skin Care Advantage

Women aren’t the only ones concerned about clear, smooth complexions that appear crease-free. Men also look after their skin and use products to improve sun damage and general aging. BOTOX® is a favorite for both sexes because it can rejuvenate your face regardless of your feminine or masculine appearance.

The injectable offers clients a quick and simple procedure, and there is little to no downtime to deal with. A single session can deliver results that last about 4 months, and it takes about 7 to 10 days for BOTOX® injections to show a more wrinkle-free face.

Skin care experts believe that keeping up with BOTOX® appointments can halt the further progression or deepening of wrinkles, so it’s an excellent skin care maintenance treatment.

No one actually looks forward to aging and appearing older physically. Both women and men enjoy looking good for their age and staying active and fit. That is why BOTOX® has become the go-to cosmetic treatment. When properly injected, a person looks rested and youthful and never “over-done.” Here at Young Medical Spa®, we take great pride in helping each client achieve their personal aesthetic goals. Our skilled professionals are highly experienced in administering cosmetic injectables like BOTOX®. We are conveniently located in Center Valley and Lansdale, PA. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!