When Laser Hair Removal is Right for You

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to sleep in 15 or 20 extra minutes in the morning? Unfortunately, most of us need to get up early so we have enough time to shave and get rid of unwanted hair. While you may not shave every single day, it’s likely that you do a couple of times a week. This means that every week you’re losing at least one hour so you can shave. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to stop worrying about removing unwanted body hair? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a solution that led to long-term hair removal and permanent hair reduction? There is. And it is laser hair removal. How do you know if this treatment is right for you?

How Does It Work?

Before discussing if this treatment is right for you, we first need to discuss how the treatment works. During treatment, the practitioner is going to use a cosmetic laser. This laser has been customized to provide the best results with your hair type and your skin type. It is a concentrated beam of light that is directed at the pigment in your hair follicles. Because your hair follicles have more pigmentation than the rest of your skin, the energy is attracted to this area, killing the follicles at the root and preventing them from growing back.

Since laser hair removal does not have anything to do with removing the actual hair from your body during treatment, it is okay for you to shave before treatment. The only thing that you would need to avoid is plucking and waxing. This is because plucking and waxing pull out your hair follicles, the very thing this treatment is designed to pinpoint.

Will I React Well to Treatment?

This is a common concern that people have about laser hair removal. They worry that they won’t react well to treatment because of stories that they’ve heard in the past. Something that should put your mind at ease is that cosmetic laser treatments have improved drastically over the past few years. Problems with discoloration and scarring that were common a decade or two ago have been addressed by changes in how the laser works and how it interacts with your skin.

Not long ago, a person with darker skin would not be able to have laser hair removal because the laser would not be able to differentiate between their skin and their hair. Now, there are a number of lasers and techniques that work well on individuals with darker skin. They are able to have this treatment without worrying about experiencing hyperpigmentation or hyperpigmentation.

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