The Easy Way To Pay

When it comes to paying for anything—at the counter, over the phone, or online—organization and security are two main concerns for customers. Everyone is familiar with the frantic feeling of rummaging through their purse or wallet with a line of people waiting for you to hurry up and pay, not to mention the worry about dropping a card or having financial information stolen. These worries alone are enough to make people nervous to carry cards with them for purchases. With Apple Pay® and Contactless pay now available at Young Medical Spa in Center Valley, patients can eliminate the hassle and worry of physical cards at our office and replace it with a streamlined, secure, and effective way to keep your payments for our products and services organized and on hand.

Apple Pay allows customers to organize and manage all their payments on one of the most popular devices available—the iPhone® 6 (or later series) and the Apple Watch®. Apple Pay is a digital wallet that can be used at any point of sale system in a secure network, allowing customers to ditch the finicky plastic cards in favor of a more cutting-edge system. Apple Pay is a thoroughly secure platform that doesn’t store your financial information. Instead, a unique device account number is created, and each purchase requires your fingerprint or password to ensure only you are approving and making payments.

Young Medical Spa offers all Center Valley patients and customers the opportunity to use the new, revolutionary digital wallets like Apple Pay and Contactless pay which can be used with other smart phone technology. We know that keeping up with the newest technology is crucial to providing the best service to our patients. We want all our patients to know that their information is secure and safe, and that we are devoted to protecting their assets. Come visit our Center Valley location to learn about Apple and Contactless pay!

We look forward to offering Apple Pay® and Contactless pay at our Lansdale location in the near future.

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