Weight Loss for 2017!

If there’s one thing you can’t seem to get ahead of the curve on, we can bet it has something to do with your weight. So many of us are plagued by stubborn layers of fat on our bodies, whether it’s the result of our genes, dietary habits, a lack of exercise, or some combination of the three. No doubt, excess weight takes a toll on our confidence and can inhibit us from feeling our best.

But the good news is that losing weight doesn’t have to be a daunting and insurmountable task! With the help of our physician-supervised diet, the Young Diet Program, it’s possible to safely lose up to 40 pounds in your first month! Our 26-day program for men and women of all ages can help you lose up to one or two pounds a day with diet, exercise, and a daily injection of a natural fat-burning hormonal supplement.

After your initial evaluation, we’ll help you form a diet plan that reduces your caloric intake. Under the supervision of our expert staff, you’ll receive a daily injection of a hormonal supplement that converts stored fat into energy and also acts as an appetite suppressant. Add exercise to the mix and you’ll experience significant weight loss you didn’t think was possible.

There’s no need to wait! For a higher quality of life, you can get the help you need to lose unwanted weight at Young Medical Spa®, which conveniently treats patients in the Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and Philadelphia areas with its two accessible locations in Center Valley and Lansdale. To learn more about the Young Diet Program, schedule your complimentary consultation today!