Laser Liposuction at Young Medical Spa

Did you know that even thin people can be considered dangerously flabby? This is according to a recent health report in Vogue. While it’s hard to believe, an estimated 40 percent of people who are not overweight could be considered “obese” from a metabolic perspective. So what can we do about it? Diet and exercise are great places to start. But when fat doesn’t respond, SmartLipo® TriPlex® Laser Liposuction at Young Medical Spa® is a safe and effective solution.

SmartLipo is less invasive than traditional liposuction because it uses laser energy to liquefy fat before it’s gently removed from the body via a thin tube. Any remaining fat is then processed by the body naturally. While not designed as a weight-loss procedure, FDA-cleared SmartLipo can help patients lose inches. Best of all, we can treat just about any area of the body!

Typically, optimal results from laser liposuction become apparent within two to six months following treatment, with improvements continuing along the way! SmartLipo results can be long-lasting, especially for patients who maintain a healthy lifestyle. And if you’re already “skinny fit fat” as Vogue calls it, chances are you already have the right habits in place!

A pioneer in the field of both SmartLipo and laser liposuction, Dr. Thomas E. Young was the first cosmetic physician to bring SmartLipo to the region having performed well over 6,000 procedures to date. Dr. Young uses his expertise to provide patients with top-notch care and teach other physicians the latest techniques in laser liposuction. Young Medical Spa is easily accessible to patients in the Philadelphia, Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton areas. Schedule your complimentary consultation today!