Why We Love Laser Lipo!

What if we told you that we could immediately reduce trouble spots of fat and tighten up loose skin so you could walk away with a trimmer appearance and firmer, tighter skin? Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

Would it surprise you to hear that the treatment we just described is a form of liposuction? When a lot of people hear the word lipo, they get nervous because it brings to mind hospital rooms, general anesthesia, lengthy downtime, and side effects. What they don’t realize is that laser lipo is in a class of its own, offering the same awesome slimming benefits as traditional lipo without the downtime and invasive nature of regular liposuction.

At Young Medical Spa®, we use a special form of lipo called SmartLipo Triplex™ Laser Liposuction, a less invasive form of lipo that uses laser energy to liquefy fat before suctioning it out. The benefit of liquefying fat first is that it enables us to create a smaller incision (about a quarter inch) for fat removal, which reduces recovery time. This laser can also tighten the surrounding skin so that the entire treatment area is not only reduced in size, but also firmer and taut.

You might be wondering why laser lipo fat reduction is still going strong, considering the recent advancements in non-invasive fat reduction—namely, CoolSculpting® and SculpSure®. While we love non-invasive measures for their ability to reduce fat without downtime, laser lipo remains a popular option because it offers immediate and more precise, targeted results.

Expect nothing short of superb results from Young Medical Spa® founder and director Dr. Thomas E. Young, who was the first cosmetic physician to bring SmartLipo to the area and has performed well over 6,000 procedures. A pioneer in the field of both SmartLipo and laser liposuction, Dr. Young regularly dedicates his time to educating physicians on the most advanced laser lipo techniques.

Are you interested in learning how laser lipo may benefit you? Check out our podcast on SmartLipo today.

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