So Long, Flabby Arms!

Ready to hear some incredible news? You may need to sit down for this…

You know that mysteriously persistent jiggle of flab under your arms that you accept as an inevitable consequence of aging?

Well, arm flab is no longer an inescapable arm accessory!

Thanks to our most recent addition, the CoolAdvantage Petite™ applicator, CoolSculpting® can treat the upper arms with greater ease, efficiency, and effectiveness than ever before. CoolAdvantage Petite targets and freezes unwanted fat cells for slimmer arm contours without invasive measures or downtime.

From the start, we’ve always loved CoolSculpting and achieved amazing results for our clients, reducing excess fat on almost any area of the body, from the double chin to the thighs. We are thrilled to keep expanding our CoolSculpting arsenal so we can provide the very best treatment and optimal results.

Arm yourself with knowledge (pun intended!) and schedule your FREEze CoolSculpting consultation today! For more information, be sure to check out our podcast on CoolSculpting.

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