Hands Down! The Best Hand Rejuvenation

From dish-washing to dirty diapers, your hands take a lot of abuse. Unfortunately, they’re also one of the first places on your body to show the wear and tear of age. Since you use your hands for basically everything, shouldn’t you give them the much-needed TLC they deserve?

You’re in good hands at Young Medical Spa®, where we offer hand rejuvenation treatments! Using dermal fillers, fat transfer, and IPL photofacial treatments, we can restore a youthful look to your hardworking hands.

If your hands have lost volume and become thin and frail-looking or have developed unsightly, bulging veins, dermal fillers can remedy that. Dermal fillers can create smoother, younger-looking hands by diminishing the appearance of veins and smoothing the skin. For longer-lasting results, a fat transfer can also add volume to your hands by taking unwanted fat from one area of your body and transferring it by injection into the areas your hands need it most.

Unless you wear mittens all year round, your hands can also get seriously overexposed to the sun, which is why older hands often have so many “spots”—sunspots, brown spots, and age spots. IPL photofacial treatments are a great way to combat sun damage using light energy to absorb and dissolve pigmentation on the skin. Multiple treatments may be needed depending on the severity of sun damage.

At Young Medical Spa, you can get great hands with our hand rejuvenation treatments. For more information, check out our podcast on hand rejuvenation!

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