When to Opt for a Facelift in Philadelphia

Your face is what helps define who you are. It is what people use to identify you. It could be that when you were younger, you loved the way your face looked. People complimented you on your beauty, and your face was a source of confidence for you. As age has taken its toll on your appearance, your face has gone from being a source of confidence to a source of self-consciousness. You know that your face is making you look or feel older than you want to look or feel. If this is true for you, now may be the time to think about getting a facelift in Philadelphia.

Do Alternatives Work As Well As a Facelift?

There is so much information out there about facelifts and alternatives to the surgical procedure. With so much information, it can be difficult to separate the facts from the fiction. For example, there are some individuals in Philadelphia who say that facial exercises will work just as well as getting a facelift. As great as this sounds, it’s simply untrue.

In fact, overworking your face by doing repetitive movements may actually make common signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging skin, worse. There is no facial exercise that is going to be able to reverse your cosmetic concerns like a surgical procedure can.

This is even true when talking about minimally-invasive alternatives, such as dermal fillers or BOTOX®. Using BOTOX® and dermal fillers may be a good way to postpone when you will actually need a surgical procedure done, but you’re most likely going to reach a point where these non-surgical alternatives no longer produce the results that you want.

How Can I Know If a Facelift is Right for Me?

A lot of it has to do with the way that aging is affecting your self-esteem. When you look at yourself in the mirror and you see sagging skin, deep lines, or creases and it makes you feel bad about yourself, then you may want to take the time to learn more about a cosmetic surgical procedure like a facelift. A lot of it has to do with your preferences, what you want for yourself, your overall health, and what you expect from the procedure.

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