Top Botox and Injectable Myths Debunked

“I’ll look fake!”
“I won’t be able to leave my house for days!”

We hear concerns like these a lot in our line of work. Many patients are interested in Botox® and dermal fillers, but are scared about the potential side effects.

If you’re one of these people, the first thing we want you to do is take a deep breath and relax. Injectables wouldn’t be the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the world without good reason!

Here’s an honest look at three common myths about injectables, along with a few expert insights from the pros (that’s us!) who successfully perform these treatments daily.

Myth #1
My face will look frozen!

Reality Check
The only thing that Botox can do is relax the muscle movement underlying your wrinkles. When Botox is administered with skill and precision (like the experts at Young Medical Spa®, who have a thorough understanding of facial anatomy and the effects of Botox), the only person who will know you had Botox is you! People will notice that you look younger and more refreshed somehow, but they won’t know why. Check out our podcast on Botox for more information.

Myth #2
I’ll look like a duck if I get dermal fillers in my lips!

Reality Check
It takes a whole lot of dermal filler to produce a puffed up, duck-like appearance. At Young Medical Spa, we take time to understand every nuance of your lips to create the most flattering augmentation possible. We also use highly precise techniques. For example, delicately injecting filler into your cupid’s bow (the dip in your upper lip) can subtly accentuate your upper lips and help smooth lip lines. For other inside tips, be sure to check out our podcast on lip augmentation.

Myth #3
I won’t be able to leave my house for days!

Reality Check
With any injection, there’s always a possibility of bruising or swelling, but a gentle hand and expert precision go a long way toward avoiding these side effects, which usually subside very quickly. We take every precaution—including post-treatment icing—to ensure you walk away from your injectable treatment feeling confident and satisfied.

Myth #4
Everyone injects Botox the same way!

Reality Check
While there are many providers who do inject Botox and dermal fillers in the United States, the providers of Young Medical Spa pride themselves on being the best in the region. With the old saying “practice makes perfect”, the providers of Young Medical Spa have injected so much Botox and dermal fillers that they are ranked in the top 2% of injectors in the country as allocated by Allergan®, the manufacturer of Botox and many dermal filler products.

Botox and dermal fillers are the top two non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the world, trusted by millions to smooth away lines and wrinkles, restore volume, and reveal a refreshed, younger-looking appearance.

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