Young Medical Spa’s QWO Cellulite Treatment and PDO Threads September Specials

It’s the perfect time to get the cosmetic treatments you’ve wanted. With Young Medical Spa’s September Specials you can get $250 off our QWO Cellulite Treatment and $250 off PDO Threads as well. 

Get a Great Deal for  PDO Threads This September

Looking for a non-invasive facelift? With Young Medical Spa’s September Specials you can get $250 off of our PDO Thread Lift procedure. This treatment can help reduce the signs of aging, like sagging skin and wrinkles. Patients can now get dramatic results without the need for extreme surgery or heavy downtime.

This process is made possible with synthetic and fully absorbable threads called PDO, which stands for polydioxanone, that stimulate immediate collagen production, inducing a lifting effect on the skin. This procedure is fully absorbed after a few months, leaving your old look behind and making space for a fresher appearance.

In terms of side effects, since the threads are made of a trusted surgical material that is fully absorbed by the body within four to six months, no scar tissue will develop.

Another benefit is that there’s no pain or downtime involved with a thread lift procedure.

Looking for a no surgery solution? Schedule your consultation by calling Young Medical Spa now or by using the online appointment request form on our website. Request an appointment today and get one step closer to getting the look you desire.

Get Rid of Cellulite This September!

It’s the perfect time to get rid of cellulite with Young Medical Spa’s September Specials. You can get $250 off our QWO treatment. 

The first and only FDA approved treatment for cellulite, QWO® is clinically proven to reduce moderate to severe cellulite commonly found in the leg and buttocks areas. This is a non-surgical cellulite reduction process that uses injectable collagense enzymes to dissolve and release the tethers causing cellulite dimples. 

Young Medical Spa’s non-surgical cellulite reduction is safe and effective for most men and women. Ideal candidates most likely to benefit from this procedure tend to have:

– Healthy stable weights

– Reasonable skin elasticity

– Cellulite on their buttocks, hips or thighs

Treatment spans 3 comfortable sessions. When injected, it dissolves these bands over the course of those 3 treatments, which are spaced 21 days apart. Visible results may be achieved in 10 weeks.

In the past, cellulite was basically impossible to address, but today, you can receive visible and excellent results from this non-surgical and non-invasive treatment with Young Medical Spa! 

Takeaway The experts at Young Medical Spa can help you meet your aesthetic goals and attain natural-looking results. Contact Young Medical Spa today to schedule your consultation. We have clinics in Center Valley, Lansdale, Wilkes-Barre and Mainline.