Surprising Benefits of Natural Breast Augmentation

Who doesn’t love a two-for-one deal? Take natural breast augmentation, for example. This minimally-invasive treatment offers two body contouring benefits in one efficient procedure, trimming unwanted fat from one area of your body (using liposuction) and using it to enhance your breasts (through fat transfer).

It’s the ultimate form of recycling with impressive benefits, including permanent results, minimal downtime, easy recovery, and no scarring. You can also do more treatments if further augmentation is desired, and you can enhance your results by combining your fat transfer with platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

While natural cosmetic enhancements appeal to almost everyone, natural breast augmentation isn’t the right fit for some. To discover if you’re an ideal candidate, here are a few key questions to ask yourself:

1. Have you researched implants and decided against them? It’s important to research all options when considering breast enhancement. Natural breast enhancement is ideal for women who have ruled out implants.
2. Is your breast size small with limited sagging? Natural breast enhancement offers the best results for women with modest-sized breasts and little sagging. Women who have large breasts and severe sagging may be better accommodated with other surgical options, such as breast lifts.
3. Are you satisfied with a modest change, up to a cup size? Natural breast augmentation is the perfect choice for a woman seeking natural-looking volume enhancement. If you want a dramatic boost of 2 cup sizes or more, you may benefit from breast implants.

“My procedure was flawless. Doctor Young and staff are kind and courteous. You could not ask for a better experience.” Christianna K., January 9, 2015

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